IBM thinks carbon nanotubes are the future

IBM logoThe research wing of IBM claimed it has made an engineering breakthrough which could mean carbon nanotubes will displace silicon transistors for future computers.

The scients said they have managed to “shrink” transistor contacts without reducing carbon nanotube performance and that means more powerful microprocessors way beyond existing semiconductors.… Read the rest

Globalfoundries goes it alone

Silicon wafer - Wikimedia Commons -Globalfoundries (GloFo) which manufactures semiconductors to customers’ designs, is likely to develop 10 nanometre technology in house.

Previously it had struck a deal with Korean giant Samsung to license its 14 nanometre FinFET technology and the partnership has proved lucrative with GloFo winning orders from AMD, Qualcomm, and Apple.… Read the rest

DRAM prices fell in September

Samsung DRAMSales of DRAM for notebooks and PCs continued to show a downturn during September, which is good news for buyers and bad news for the vendors.

DRAM Exchange, which tracks memory prices, said that part of the reason for the underlying decline is that notebook shipments in the third quarter didn’t reach expectations, with the Windows 10 free upgrade hitting potential sales of new notebooks.… Read the rest