Diodes buys Pericom

cashIn further signs of consolidation in the semiconductor industry, US firm Diodes said it is buying Pericom Semi in a deal worth around $400 million.

Diodes makes discrete, logic and analogue semiconductors while Pericom supplies connectivity and timing products.

Pericom’s board of directors said the deal, if it gains approval, will produce a company with revenues of around a billion and gross profits of £337 million.… Read the rest

Intel releases Skylake

Sky-and-lakeChipzilla has released most of its 6th generation Core processors which should be finding their way into PCs by next month.

Intel spilled the beans on the Skylake-K variants aimed at gamers, last month. Now, the firm has added to the list Skylake-U aimed at thin-and light laptops; Skylake-H for high performance systems; and Skylake-S which brings “desktop performance” to value-level systems, all-in-ones and mini PCs.… Read the rest

Foxconn cancels Indonesian plans

Tindonessaaiwan’s Foxconn has cancelled plans to invest in a huge factory in Indonesia.

Foxconn said last year it may invest $1 billion in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.

However it looks like the scheme had to be abandoned over land rights.  The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Suryo Bambang Sulisto  said that the company’s broader expansion plan in Indonesia looked unlikely.… Read the rest

Unigroup still wants Micron

Tsinghua-Micron-BuyoutUnigroup chairman Zhao Weiguo has packed his bags and headed to the US to try and save a deal where his company ends up buying Micron.

Micron dismissed an informal $23 billion offer by state-backed investment firm Unigroup in July because it thought that the US regulatory committee that reviews foreign acquisitions of sensitive US companies would block the deal on national security concerns.… Read the rest

Intel’s internet of things notion is bonkers

Intel's Gordon Moore and Robert NoyceApparently Intel used the second day of its developer forum to attempt to convince the world and its dog that it knows all about the internet of things (IoT).

Well, it just doesn’t have an earthly or a clue.  INTC is showing every sign of being a has been rather than a here and now company.… Read the rest

Wafer industry faces slowdown

Silicon wafer - Wikimedia Commons -Silicon wafers, used by manufacturers to create microprocessors and other semiconductor devices, are facing a slowdown.

That’s emerged as GlobalWafers Co, the sixth biggest wafer supplier in the world, said that the whole semiconductor industry is being affected by a combination of forces including the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and slower general overall growth.… Read the rest