ARM goes up

ARMBritish technology firm ARM Holdings turned in revenues of £227.5 million for its first financial quarter, the firm said today. That’s an increase of 22 percent compared to the same financial period last year.

Simon Segars, the company’s CEO, said that many handset manufacturers had announced tablets and smartphones based on ARMv8-a and Mali graphics processors.… Read the rest

Marconi invented something useful after all

marconiThe Italian Brit who is famous for inventing the radio when he didn’t might have come up with a real idea after all and could be the brains behind a new form of wireless chip antenna.

Cambridge engineer Gehan Amaratunga, was looking at Guglielmo Marconi’s British patent application from 1900, known as 7777 , and he spotted a little noticed detail.… Read the rest

Analysis: Intel fails to fix PC malaise

Intel's Gordon Moore and Robert NoyceIntel reported its financial first quarter results yesterday evening and as expected its PC business continued to decline.

But Intel consolidated its results making it hard to see how much money it’s losing on its really quite disastrous foray into the mobile and tablet markets.… Read the rest