ZTE says it will triumph in services

ZTE, the Chinese telecoms company intent on conquering the consumer and services industry worldwide, has announced it plans to reach $1.5 billion revenues in services alone by the end of the year.

Convincing companies globally that its services are the right ones has been a breeze for ZTE so far, its main bump in the road being that Chinese rival Huawei which is behaving similarly. Otherwise it is plain sailing.

ZTE has also announced the snappily titled Managed Services Solution, which it thinks will help its ambitions of clambering to the very top of the network market.

Using Zsmart business intelligence and its ZXT2000 agile probe, ZTE thinks its new product will help carriers decide on where to go and what to do next. The answer will inevitably be “buy more ZTE products”, but anyway, the kit will give carriers a way to analyse end to end signals across networks. That means picking up on where the networks are failing and stepping in to fix it.

Not the most thrilling development then, but its highly aggressive sales strategy still seems to be working.

On the consumer side, it recently bragged it shipped 35 million handsets in the first half of the year, including making inroads to the vital Europe and Americas markets that it wants so much. Of course, China is still on its mind.

ZTE’s profits were lower than expected, which execs put down to its highly rapid expansion.