ZTE hits back at Huawei with patent lawsuit

Less than 24 hours after a ZTE spokesperson told Techeye that they were “astonished” by Huawei’s patent lawsuit against the firm, the telecommunications firms has hit back with a similar announcement.

Just like Huawei did yesterday, ZTE has now filed a suit claiming patent infringements over its fourth generation LTE technology in China, according to a statement made today.

The suit, again just like Huawei did yesterday, asks that Huawei ceases its use of offending technologies and offers up some cash in the way of compensation.

The firm will also launch legal action globally to protect its intellectual property, with both firm’s being based in China though having far reaching telecommunications businesses across the world.

ZTE points to its strength in patents across 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, talking of “high-quality patented global deployments”, with Huawei also going to great lengths to show its patent strength yesterday, detailing how it would never dream of infringing on another firm’s patents.

However it seems that both firms are more than happy to accuse either of lacking such a moral code.

According to patent expert at FOSS Patents Florian Mueller the swiftness with which ZTE has hit back shows that the two firms were likely preparing to strike out for a good while as recent negotiations broke down.

“These are two firms which have enough resources that they can easily evaluate potential patent infringements in parallel to negotiations and ZTE was likely looking into this for a while before Huawei made the first move,” Mueller told Techeye.

And Mueller believes that the lawsuits will soon branch out to include other regions such as in Europe where the two rivals do much business.

“It is likely that they are both preparing to file similar suits across Europe as well, and though it is not clear whether this might be a matter of months, weeks or days, it would be very strange that this would not branch out into other countries where the two firms are involved,” he said.