Ye Booke of ye Beastly Beelzebub


ye Booke of ye beastly Beelzebub How helle found a way into ye Techeye And it came to pass that Nickerless Farrelle did go to the land where even parrots can’t be bothered to fly, and so let in through the back door an agent of Stan, yeah even the great Stan Himself. And Stan did start peddling his own Canute and concocted some diabolical passages hard to navigate even for Yog Soggoth and that kin. Stan of the family of Stanislav, penned some verses, rather Stannic verses, that spoke not of the land of Eh-Em-Dee not even Oracle came into the picture as it rhymeth with that godly device still used in the Land of Pearls, called the Coracle. GoodBye! SoLong, Itsbenguidtoknow ye did set up an enormous wailing as if the pigs of hell were forced to wear WinklePickers and their trotters couldn’t quite cope with it. GoodBye, spawned of Begat, did set up an enormous roar even on the Sabbath Day, which must have cost an ARM and a LEG. For he was enormously smitten and could not even get close to the Pillar of SALT that was his Lot. Woe, woe and thrice woe said GoodBye, after GoodBye had said his Hello! Hell and High Water could not placate him, nor even a thousand pig’s trotters could not Assange him [surely Assuage, Beelzebub]. For it was rightly written that the Coo is in the Cabs, and the Coo is not in the Pidgeon, the pigeon being in the back of the Khabs, as is its place. Woe! screamed GoodBye. Bring back ye Nickerless Farrell to Roma, where at least we can keep a TechEye on him, unlike that benighted land where even the parrots have forgotten to fly. GoodBye! Hello!