Ye Booke of Foxconn


1. And the JOBS said unto Terry Gou, Come thou and all thy factories into the China; for thee have I seen profitable before me in this generation. 2 . Of every iPhone thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the white and his black and of Ipads that are yea even unto the iPad 2. 3 . And there in China you shall create unto me a huge Ark with trillians of workers to make unto the Children of JOBS expensive toys that Shine and sparkle and empty their bank accounts. 4.  For yet seven years, and I will cause the world to suffer. Yea, great will be the economic ruin that shall fall upon the world. For I have decided that the Western workers are too expensive and I will only have slaves build my toys. 5 . And Terry did according unto all that the JOBS commanded him. 6.  And lo, the Chinese went into his plant, two by two and there they worked for all the air he could supply them. And JOBS looked upon Terry’s work and did say: 7.  “Blessed art thou Terry Gou, for thou hast created for me profit margins that are wider than the ocean and as high as the heavens above and deep as the deepest ocean. For hath I not saved millions by not having to hire Americans, who demand money to work for me.” 8. But Gou said unto Jobs: “Lord, lord, these workers are but beasts and thou hast made me a zoo keeper. I feed them but air, I work them to death with only the excitement of the occasional industrial accident to brighten their day. Sooner or later the demons in the press will hear of this.” 9 . And JOBS said unto him “Fear not, for I will telleth the world that thou art not a shop where the staff sweateth and they shall believe me.” 10. And it came to pass after seven months into the economic flood that staff aboard the Ark did say unto themselves “Sod this for a game of soldiers, this really is a pit of shit to work in, let us go forth because bt surely must be better working in a rice paddy than this dive.” 11.  And yet they were too busy to leave and there were the guards all around the Ark to maketh sure that the staff told no one of the plans of JOBS for the next batch of shiny toys. 12. And so they made it unto the roof and many did cast themselves off where they did die, or did fall forth into the flood waters of economic ruin. 13. And Gou did fear that he would have no staff left for they were exiting the Ark two by two. So he said unto himself, I will build a net so that those who fall from the roof will bounce back to work. And so it was done. 14.  But the news of the deaths had leaked out unto the press and they did go forth unto Jobs and saideth unto him, “Why hast thou hired a man who treats his staff like animals and worketh them until they die in their own sweat?” 15. And JOBS did say unto them “I have personally visited the Ark of Gou and it is not a place of sweat at all. They have tennis courts, and beds, and are they not paid more than most Chinese? And it mattereth not if Chinese people die, it is a huge Ark and it is inevitable, on a percentage basis, that some are going to top themselves.” 16. And the press said unto JOBS: “Yea, verily that is good enough for us, can you get us a review copy of the iPhone 4S and what exciting thing are you going to putteth into the next iPad?” 17. For they knew that their readers cared not for dead Chinese, but careth much about the next iPad. And all was well for Gou until it came to pass that JOBS had passeth on. 18. For in that time America had suffered from the terrible economic flood, and many started to wonder why the Children of JOBS were giving Chinese people jobs. And they did point unto the Gou and said his Ark was a shop of sweats, yea even the New York Times felt it had to beateth him. 19. And Gou did look unto the followers of JOBS for help, but he foundeth it not. For Apple had ordered an inquiry unto the Ark and did say in the press that it loved each and every staff member. 20. And Gou said unto himself “How can it be that when JOBS was alive, I was a zoo keper and my staff were my animals. Whyfor now doth the Children of Apple claim they are interested in them. Are they no longer interested in the margins of profit?”