Yahoo’s media boss flees company

Rat-with-life-preserver1Yahoo media head, Kathy Savitt, has decided to leave the company for a quieter life in the film and television studio STX Entertainment.

Although the job is clearly a promotion, it is rumoured that she left before darker forces within Yahoo moved against her.  She is leaving in October on her own terms.

Yahoo has been planning a major shakeup in its media unit and Savitt’s job had been the topic of internal discussion for a while.

At Yahoo, Savitt spearheaded the company’s brand marketing and audience engagement strategies, as well as editorial and video content across Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports.

Savitt was also Yahoo’s chief marketing officer, which might explain some of the problems. Big companies that try to merge media and marketing rarely understand how the media works.

Marketing people believe the media is there to help them sell their product, while the media is there to find flaws in everything a company does and tell the world about it. A media officer is damage limitation and spinning company antics to look good even when it has done something wrong. This is as similar to marketing as a packet of peanuts is to the Empire State Building.
Yahoo is still finding its way forward despite restructuring, job cuts and all sorts of other issues.