Yahoo to shift engineers to Bangalore

The former number one search outfit Yahoo is slashing its engineering staff and shifting its operations from the former English colony of Virgina to the former part of the British Empire, India.

Reports, which are being mostly denied by Yahoo, have tipped up at TechCrunch, claiming that Yahoo is in the process of moving large numbers of engineering jobs to Bangalore.

Those to be shifted include the Yahoo Developer Network, which is the the platform for third party apps to be installed on the Yahoo home page.

Yahoo has confirmed that some California based engineers are being moved to other projects and at least two senior engineers have been told to clean out their desks.

TechCrunch has not said who but reminds us that the Yahoo Open Strategy group is run by Senior Vice President Jay Rossiter. It was supposed to counter Facebook but was ignored by third party developers.

Already some of the staff have seen the writing on the wall and have disappeared. Amongst them was Neal Sample, Yahoo’s VP Social Platforms and Cody Simms, who was the boss of the Yahoo Developer Network who moved somewhere else in Yahoo.