Yahoo supremo was never asked for CV – claim

It turns out that when the Yahoo board hired Chief Executive Scott Thompson they never asked him to supply a CV.

Thompson has been accused of padding his CV by claiming he had a computer science degree, which he doesn’t.

According to Reuters deepthroats, Thompson’s official biography was not based on any information that he supplied to the company.

Thompson sent an email to Yahoo employees earlier this week apologising for the controversy, and saying he hoped a Yahoo board review of the matter would be concluded promptly.

Apparently the problem was caused because Thompson’s official biography at Paypal which also listed the inaccurate education details.

Yahoo appears to have cut and pasted that information when it employed him.

That information may not have come from Thompson either. High-level executives don’t usually directly provide their resume to potential employers and that is compiled by researchers for employment companies.

Activist hedge fund Third Point, which is Yahoo’s largest outside shareholder, is waging a bitter proxy battle to install four directors on Yahoo’s board. It wants Thompson to be fired and for Yahoo to let one of its director candidates oversee the search for a new CEO.