Yahoo says Yaboo to NSA

Yahoo is really hacked off with the NSA for snooping on its traffic so it has appointed well-known security researcher Alex Stamos as its chief information security officer.

Stamos is a vocal critic of the US government’s secret surveillance programmes and one of the primary organisers of TrustyCon. TrustyCon is a gathering of prominent technology experts last month who had pulled out of the RSA security conference in San Francisco amid growing anger over some technology companies’ cooperation with US intelligence-gathering efforts.

According to the Yahoo bog, Stamos will lead a team of Yahoo “paranoids” charged with making products as secure as possible.

Stamos was the chief technology officer of the security firm Artemis. Prior to that he was a co-founder of iSEC Partners, a security company that was bought in October 2010 by NCC Group, the parent of Artemis.