Yahoo is not for sale

Yahoo has acted angrily at claims that it is up for sale following yesterday’s sudden exit of CEO Carol Bartz.

Yahoo founder and ex-CEO Jerry Yang is telling the world and its dog that Yahoo is not for sale, even if it is hiring advisory firms to “explore strategic options.”

Rumours started thanks to the Wall Street Journal, which quoted an anonymous source saying the beleaguered company was thinking of selling itself off.

One of the problems is that at the moment it is not clear what Yahoo’s assets are, so it is very difficult for anyone who is interested in writing a cheque to carry out a decent corporate raid.

Yahoo is believed to have lots of interesting things in its attic, but no one has been up there for years and most of the good stuff might have been eaten by moths.

Wired thinks that Yahoo has some cool patents on search-based artificial intelligence. It also has some good web media sites and has placed an offer for Hulu. Its Asian assets are worth $17 billion.

The belief is that Yahoo could make a lot of profits without having to do anything other than lay off about 300 people.

This is because Yahoo’s business is driven by the adoption of Yahoo! Mail which is still the largest email provider in the US.

All this is academic really if Yahoo does not plan to sell any of its assets.