Yahoo and Microsoft set out their search strategy

Microsoft and Yahoo have set out their stall for future search following the approval of their alliance by US and European regulatory authorities.

Microsoft said that it will take over Yahoo’s paid search platforms and algorithmic stuff  while Yahoo will become the sales force for all of its premium search advertisers across the world.

When that’s done, there will be more opportunity for web publishers to make money because of the larger pool of search queries, said Microsoft. The date for completing the first stage is likely to be by the end of this year for the US, but it may take as long as two years for the rest of the world to play catch up.

Yahoo will look after high volume advertisers, SEO and SEM agencies, while Microsoft will rep for self service advertisers.

So it looks like it’s going to be a long and tortuous affair, with the companies having to suffer phone calls, emails, and even webinars that will be hosted on Carol Bartz and Steve Ballmer, the CEOs of Yahoo and Microsoft, made suitable congratulatory noises about how great the deal is for both companies. No doubt Google is sniggering in the Googleplex.

We wonder if anyone ever told Microsoft that the Yahoo HQ, pictured above, is on the bad Feng Shui side of the highway?