Xerox sues Google and Yahoo over patents

A case started in a Delaware court with Xerox Corporation alleging that Google, Yahoo and Youtube have breached its patents.

Xerox said in the complaint that it owns US patent 6,778,979 called System for Automatically Generating Queries, granted on the 17th of August 2004. It also owns US patent 6,236,994 called Method and Apparatus for the Integration of Information and Knowledge.

The patent, claims Xerox has methods for automatically generating queries or searches for information related to documents.

Googe AdSense and AdWords software automatically generate queries based on the content of web pages to retrieve related advertisements, said Xerox, and so infringes its patent. Xerox has already notified Google of the patent and its infringement.

Google breaches the 994 patent in Google Maps and Google Video, Xerox alleges. Yahoo breaches the patent with Y!Q Contextual Search and other software including Search Marketing and Yahoo Publisher. YouTube also infringes its 994 patent, Xerox alleges.

Xerox wants damages, injunctions and a jury trial.