Xerox jumps on the cloud for SMEs

Xerox is yet another company to roll out a cloud service that includes support for IBM i workloads but this time it is targeting SMEs.

There are lots of SMEs who want to run IBM i, AIX, Windows, and Linux applications on a cloud and Xerox thinks that it is the company for the job.

IBM based SMEs are seen as a big market for Xerox, which is better known as a printer maker, but since it bought ACS two years ago it is pressing itself into the cloud.

It appears that Xerox is tapping into ACS’ big server expertise and its multiple North American data centres to run Xerox Cloud Services.

What Xerox is doing, which is slightly different from the rest of the cloud pack, is run IBM i, Windows, AIX, or Linux on a pay by month basis. This makes clouds more attractive to SMEs who do not want to spend an arm and a leg.

Rob Schilperoort, vice president of product management for Xerox Cloud services, told IT Jungle that it means punters can turn up and turn down capacity as they need it. All the company would have to do is pay for the use of that equipment as they need it. They can also buy operating system management and the application and data management, but those are optional items.

Xerox has six data centres, with a seventh to come online soon.

Xerox’s midrange customers pay primarily by the amount of RAM they are running. This starts at 4 GB of RAM up to 2 TB. Any disc-based storage for customer application data is charged at a standard industry rate, Schilperoort says.

Practically this means that an SME can run as many IBM i LPARs or AIX images as they want across their memory allocation.