Xbox One unboxing fails to excite

Microsoft has posted its first Xbox One unboxing as the company tries to generate hype for the controversial console – that has faced heavy criticism since the first details were announced.

Larry Hryb, referring to himself as the general, picks out bits and pieces and the new Kinect before hauling the chunky Xbone from its box.

The controllers, Hryb says, have some sort of impact sensing technology which is, of course, going to change the way we play. They also have lots of new improvements and if you buy an Xbone at launch you’ll get a special design for your custom.

There’s also what Hryb amusingly calls paperwork – considering the quasi-auhoritarian nature of the Xbox One before some frantic back peddling from Redmond – a sticker, a power cord, and a pretty hefty power unit. Included is a 4K HDMI cable, indicating Microsoft is confident its console will be sticking around at least until the ultra-high def TVs become more popular. A free headset is included.

Hryb finishes by showing off the Xbox One’s touch activated power button.

Unfortunately for Microsoft it has had the pleasure of the first reveal, both with the first details and with its unboxing. This has given Sony the freedom to boast of its free services compared to the Xbox One – for example, being able to record gameplay for free.

Since early details began to emerge up until the present, the Xbox One has been met with criticism and concerns from loyal Microsoft gamers and generally – first that the company was placing way too much emphasis on television instead of gaming, through to the mandatory always-on snooping capabilities of the Kinect, to its hefty price tag and basically the overall approach.

Microsoft must be confident it has some pretty earth shattering content, because since the beginning, the company has been pushing boundaries and seeing how far it can get away with what it charges for everything from the console to being able to use Skype.

Sony received some criticism for making online play available only to PS+ subscribers. But existing PS+ subscribers on the Playstation 3 told gaming forums and communities that the service is already pretty great.

The jury’s out. Content wins eventually. But from a PR POV Microsoft has really stuffed this one up.