World not ready to wear computers yet

The CES show was full of outfits hoping to show off wearable computers and connected devices, but, while they were interesting, none of them showed that the technology works well enough yet.

Who wants a wristwatch which checks your text messages or glasses that capture video?   Now even if you could find a use for such a toy, the designs are clumsy and the prices high and basically they cannot do enough.

The other day I thought of a use for Google Glass.  I thought it would be really useful if you were giving a speech or having to say something else scripted in front of the public that you had your script appear before your eyes as you said it.

However someone pointed out that your entire speech would be ruined by you having to say “scroll” when you finished a sentence.  Therefore, the only real use for Google Glass is still to make home made point of view porn and I am not sure how much of a market that is.

The other problem is that all the wearable gadgets look the same and pretty much do the same thing. So far, there is no brand which stands out.

Sony, Samsung and Qualcomm showed off new or recently launched smartwatches, most of which act as extensions to mobile, letting users check messages and appointments. But all they seem to save from doing is taking your phone out of your pocket.

Wristbands, like the popular Fitbit that tracks physical activity where most of the devices on display at CES. But really that is it.  What is the point and is it worth, as Intel is, to bet the farm on technology which is not really happening yet?