World censorship will fail in a decade claims Schmidt

Attempts by autocratic governments such as China, Iran and the UK to censor the Internet will end in a decade, according to the Executive Chairman of Google, Mr Eric Schmidt.

Schmidt said that a better use of encryption will help people overcome government surveillance and make it impossible for any form of state imposed filtering.

Talking to Johns Hopkins University,  Schmidt said that governments were fighting a rear guard action against the internet and they would eventually lose because the power has already shifted.

He said that there was a real chance that that censorship and the possibility of censorship will be removed in a decade.

Schmidt travelled to North Korea to try to get the country to remove censorship and admits that he failed.

He said it was vital to get North Korea connected to the rest of the rest of the world so that they begin to understand other systems.

The solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everyone. While encryption can be broken with sufficiently long keys and changing the keys all the time, it turns out it’s difficult for an  interloper of any kind to go in and do that.

Google has recently increased the length and complexity of its encryption keys, Schmidt said, calling it a constant “game of cat and mouse” between the governments and internet users.

But he thinks that eventually censors will lose, and people will be “empowered”.