Wood pellet man claims he pwns Facebook

A man accused by the New York attorney general of defrauding people in a wood pellet fuel company he owns has sued Facebook, claiming he owns 84 percent of the social notworking site.

Paul Ceglia has won a temporary injunction to stop Facebook from disposing of any of its assets – assets, which to the best of our knowledge, include no wood pellets.

Ceglia filed a case on June 30th last, alleging that he signed a contract with Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg in 2003. Ceglia is alleging that the contract gave him 50 percent of the Facebook site and interest for every day after the first of January 2004.

Facebook is describing the lawsuit as frivolous.

The New York Attorney General’s case against Ceglia is far from frivolous. He is alleged to have taken orders in excess of $200,000 for wood pellets and then didn’t deliver them.

You can find Ceglia’s complaint against Zuckerberg and Facebook, here.