WLAN market grows a little in 2010

The WLAN market grew 12.4 percent year-on-year over 2010 and enjoyed quarter-over-quarter growth of 11.6 percent in Q4, according to International Data Corporation

The enterprise drove growth with a year-on-year  increase of 34.9 percent, while in Q4 quarter-to-quarter it grew 12.3 percent.

IDC believes that smart mobile devices, as well as the hunt for higher performance 802.11n networks has seen enterprises happy to upgrade and extend wireless infrastructure. That’ll carry on for at least a few more quarters, says IDC, as 802.11n owns the market and becomes enterprise standard.

Although consumer spending was still limited, the segment grew 11.1 percent quarter-to-quarter in Q4. Thanks to further interest in networked home entertainment, the retail segment similarly grew 11.2 percent year-on-year, which means the retail segment for WLAN is stablising compared to earlier declines.