With Intel, two is company but three's a cloud

Intel took the stage before ARM at today’s partner conference to talk about storage. Sorry, we mean the cloud.

It was Boyd Davis giving the talk and he tells us Intel’s cloud business has been doing OK. Data centre processor growth will double in five years, according to Intel. The cloud services market has doubled since 2008 as it bypassed that economic downturn we all know about, a 130 percent volume increase. Intel expects to double its data centre business in the coming five years, too.

Absolutely mission critical to taking top seat on Cloud 9 is the enterprise segment, according to Boyd.  So it’s good news for Intel. Boyd boasts of its role as advisor to the Open Data Center Alliance.

The independent consortium with Intel as special advisor is drumming up the market requirements in enterprise, published this month. It’s also doubled in size.

What’s the problem? Perhaps none – but we’ve heard from the chip and hardware industry that Intel writes up its own rules and then plays by them. Everyone else has to as well.

Overclocking benchmarks have allegedly had to follow a set of guidelines dictated by Intel for years, cheesing off the vendors who have long come to accept the fact, begrudgingly.

We’re not saying the two are related…