Winsome Carly Fiorina lends support to HP's Apotheker

The Winsome Carly Fiorina, who has ambitious ideas about government, has given her backing to action SAPman Apotheker’s plans to ditch HP’s TouchPad Etc.

Carly Fiorina, who swept Compaq under HP’s rug, is something of a crystal ball. Having her on your side, some in the industry would argue, is a sure fire sign that there is a wrong decision being made. Giving Apotheker her full backing doesn’t bode well.

Failed senator Fiorina was booted from HP’s board because she delivered no shareholder value.

The maker of very expensive printers, printer ink and printing paper which it says you must use, was embroiled in its own mini phone hacking scandal shortly after Carly left. Preemptively getting its own back on those pesky journalists, HP commissioned investigators to hack into reporter’s phone data.  That was pinned on that other HP charmer, Patricia Dunn.

You can check out Fiorina’s full appearance at All Things Digital, here, where she lends her support to Apotheker. She says, ATD points out, that CEOs need to think about the future and not the past.

Judging from Apotheker’s gallows, the waiting list for the sale is a mere six weeks into the future. 

It almost makes you wish for the scandal of Mark Hurd, where we were given free reign with who is canoodling with who, instead of a sworn Affidavit from Apotheker that tech writers will be treated to endless press releases about how good these large grey boxes are, not the glamour of getting the Chablis in for an ex TV porn star.

We turn to Oracle, fingers crossed, for something, anything. How about another HP-bashing statement, boys?