WiMax project gets green light in Taipei

Taiwan, long to-ing and fro-ing on a major WiMax push, mainly because Intel has been to-ing and fro-ing on its commitments, has commissioned a new project which will run until 2013.

The project will endavour to build a WiMax infrastructure particularly for Taiwan’s public sector – so that’s disaster relief from Typhoons and a heavy emphasis on education. It will also aim to integrate the WiMax industry chain and push Taiwan’s place on the global market. The investment, says the Taipei Times, is worth NT $6.6 billion, which is US $215 million.

The report outlining the finer details of the plan was presented to Premier Wu Den-yih.

Could it be a coincidence that Intel CEO Paul Otellini is on his way over to meet with the Premier later this month, on the 28th?

Intel has been reassuring Taiwan that its commitment to WiMax is steadfast – though recently it did say LTE’s an option too –  however Taiwanese businesses and investors were getting restless with Otellini’s no-show.

We reported that he’s jetting to Taiwan to discuss the cloud computing industry but the timing of the WiMax report raises our eyebrows.