Wikileaks "sells secret information" – report

Whistleblowing outfit Wikileaks has been flogging secret information which it has been collecting to make cash on the side.

According to a co-founder, who left the organisation, John Young, Wikileaks has a lucrative sideline flogging intelligence information the site had obtained.

Young said he left the site in 2007 because he was worried by the fact that the outfit was mismanaging its funds and that Wikileaks was engaged in the selling of documents.

Speaking to WND senior reporter Aaron Klein on his radio program on New York’s WABC Radio Young claimed that Wikileaks was a money-making operation and follows the model of a number of other business intelligence operations.

Selling intelligence information is a lucrative field, and so they are following that model, usually cloaked in some kind of public benefit, he told Klein.

He first released it when the topic of raising $5 million the first year came up.

Young said that he thought that Wikileaks was supposed to be a public interest group, but as soon as I heard that, I know that “they were a criminal organisation.”

His attacks on Julian Assange are particularly nasty and personal. Claiming that he is a “narcissistic personality, he said he craves attention and will do about anything to get it.

Young said that Assange was not really anti-American – his comments about the States were just a popular crowd pleaser.

Assange picks easy targets for publicity purposes for maximum exposure, he alleged

He found it interesting that while Wikileaks is putting out this high profile material, it has abandoned putting out useful material to release bombshells and picking easy targets.

Young, 74, publishes a document-leaking website of his own called that predates Wikileaks.

Cryptome famously posted online a review of security measures at the Democratic National Convention, the names of alleged UK spies and leaked internal documents about police requests inside Microsoft.

He said he was recruited by Wikileaks because of his Cryptome credibility.