Wi-fi enabled units will hit two billion in 2014

Wi-fi enabled devices across the board will reach almost two billion units in 2014 according to a report from In-Stat, up phenomenally from 500 million units in 2009.

The consumer electronics market has seen increased demand for wi-fi connectivity which has been driving manufacturers to make more and more wi-fi enabled products. Leading the way is increased adoption of 802.11n integration in “digital living room” kit like Blu-ray players, e-readers, games consoles and digital TVs. 

E-readers will see a huge increase in wi-fi attach rates, skyrocketing from the current three percent up to 88 percent in 2014. Of the 29 million digital picture frames that are expected to be shipped in 2014, over half (53 percent) will be wi-fi enabled.

As expected mobile kit with embedded wi-fi will continue to completely trounce minority opposition, making up over three quarters of a billion units in 2013.

The research peeks over the wall into the next five years for wi-fi consumer electronics. Frank Dickson, VP of research at In-Stat, says that the technical problems that originally slowed wi-fi adoption, particularly in video-centric consumer devices, have been fixed. So we can expect invisible radiation all around us in the living room in the near future.