Why Sarah Palin is a social media guru

SXSW is well underway in Austin, Texas. Filled to the brim with check-shirted, cowboy hatted, kafiya wearing, Bruce Springsteen loving (in ironic fashion) hipsters.

And what better panel to have at this celebration of smugness than one entitled Sarah Palin is your media role model?

That’s right, Brian Cain of Campfire, a branded entertainment agency in New York City argued that while many struggled to get media attention, Palin had managed to grab the spotlight and bearhug it choke-hold style.

This, in Cain’s opinion, was pure genius on Palin’s part and offers life lessons to all other fame seekers out there (and at SXSW there are many).

The key to Palin’s success, apparently, is that the Alaskan ice queen embraces controversy, and that love or hate what she says, most feel compelled to respond to her.

Indeed, Palin, in many ways, according to the panel, embodied the “American idolisation” of modern politics.

All we can say is we’re happy she doesn’t sing. Then again, you never know, she might come out with a country album in time for Christmas.