Where are the Windows tablets?

Buried in the Intel figures was some bad tablet news for Microsoft.

It appears that Windows is not getting any market share from Android and its tablets are going down in a screaming heap.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said during the company’s first-quarter earnings conference call that out of the 5 million tablet processors shipped “80 to 90 percent” were for Android and the rest Windows.

That means that Windows tablets are not selling at all well and must have a tiny market share.

Microsoft’s problem is that Windows on a tablet does not have a lot to offer when compared with Android. Its customers want a PC on a tablet and to do that they need a keyboard.

This is one of the reasons that Microsoft has panicked and added lots of keyboard functionality to its tablets, but this pushes it out of Intel’s definition of what makes a tablet and makes Volish gear more of a 2-in-1.

Intel said that the five million shipments and 40 million full year target does not include 2-in-1s. Those are reflected in PC Client Group results. If it detaches, that’s a tablet; if it just folds over, that’s a 2 in 1, Chipzilla said.

This could mean that many of Microsoft’s tablet sales are hidden from the Intel results. That is not saying that Microsoft does not have problems in pushing its Windows tablets. Last year Gartner estimated that about 4 million Windows tablets shipped worldwide. That compares with 121 million Android and 70 million Apple tablets.

Stacy Smith, Intel’s chief financial officer said that Intel will increase the amount it allocates to device makers to order to incentivize them to bring out more Intel-based tablets. In theory that would help Microsoft, although it is equally, possible that much of that cash will flow to Android tablet makers. Brian Krzanich is 53.