Westboro Church to picket Jobs' funeral

Two barking mad religions are expected to clash violently at the funeral of Apple messiah Steve Jobs.

The Westboro Baptist Church, which makes loads of friends the world over by picketing soldiers funerals with their gay bashing placards, is planning to turn up as legions of fanboys are expected to attend the burial of  Steve Jobs.

According to a tweet by top member Margie J Phelps, members of the church will be outside the funeral claiming that the deaths are punishment from an angry God. Funeral goers will be treated to signs that say “God hates you,” “America is doomed,” and “You’re going to hell.”

Phelps tweeted that Jobs had a huge platform but failed to give God glory and caused millions to sin.

Jobs’ Mob fanboys, who have been building shrines to their dead hero in Apple stores, are not likely to be patient. Even among religious nutcases,  the Westboro Baptist Church members are seen as religious nutcases. The Supreme Court has upheld their right to protest at these events, saying that their free speech rights cannot be restricted simply because their speech is unpopular or even despicable.

Our bet is that a grief stricken mob of fanboys, some of whom expected Jobs to raise himself from the dead, will be looking for someone to take out their grief upon. Having seen what fanboys are capable of, we would think that the Westboro Baptist Church could have made one dumb protest too many and is heading for martyrdom.

Ironically it looks like Phelps is an Apple fan herself. Her tweet was sent via the iPhone. It looks like Steve provided the technology for the wrong brand of religious nutters. Still, he would have had the satisfaction of knowing that every time the Westboro Baptist Church carried out one of its daft protests, he was profiting. Besides, if Apple gear causes sin, and there is no mention in the Bible of this, then why is Phelps carrying one?