Web topples paper as news source

A report said that US citizens now read more news online than by buying newspapers, a sign that will make conventional print publishers continue to quake in their boots.

The Pew Research Center said that getting news on the web is now the third most popular way of accessing information, second only to television and ahead of print and radio.

According to the survey, six out of 10 Americans get their news from online and offline stories on a typical day.

Further a third of people with mobile phones access their news from there, while 28 percent customise home pages to give them access to news from sources and on topics that interest them.  And the rise of social networking means that 37 percent of those surveyed contribute to news by commenting about it or disseminating with links on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Email is used to swap links but a large number surveyed said that they use just a small nunber of news sites and don’t have ones they return to again and again. A large percentage of those surveyed now think that they’re bombarded by too much information.

Pew researched 2,259 adults over 18 between December 28th 2009 and January 19th 2009 to get their results.