Weather goes into the IBM cloud

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.29.40Big Blue said it has allied with the Weather Company to put its weather data services on an IBM Cloud, and link it to analytics and cloud services. It’s all being done in the cause of business, according to IBM – with weather systems hitting the economy, say in the USA, t the tune of half a trillion dollars.

Unfortunately, IBM said, business systems think every day is the same, and don’t take account of hurricanes, twisters and piles of snow.

So because of that, unexpected weather systems don’t always trigger responses from businesses.

IBM believes that using cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT), data can be collected from over 100,000 weather sensors, aircrafts, smartphones, smart buildings and vehicles on the road and rail.

The Weather Company thinks that by using the IBM cloud, it will be able to create one of the biggest cloud applications in the known universe.

IBM and the Weather Company will offer Watsons Analytics for Weather, cloud and mobile app developer tools using weather data, and consultants will be trained to move to business “pain points”. Pain points, we understand are adverse weather conditions.