Weak sales predicted for Surface 3

Book BurningMicrosoft’s Surface 3, which was released at the end of last month, doesn’t have a particularly bright future, if a market research report is to be believed.

Digitimes Research said that Microsoft is attempting to build on the success of the Surface Pro 3 but the analysts don’t hold out a great deal of hope for the product.

That’s because the machine costs over $600 and uses an Intel Atom chip and comes with Windows 8.1.

The Surface Pro 3 used an ARM design and came with Windows RT.

Digitimes Research believes that Microsoft has set the price of the unit so high because it doesn’t want to upset its customers by directly competing with them.

This seems a bit odd – just launching these kind of devices shows that it’s ready to compete with its PC partners – and as that’s really a given, it’s strange that Microsoft doesn’t go the whole hog.

Similar products from its partners for 2-in-1 devices cost less than $350. Its partners use the Intel Core M for models at the $600 price.

Who is going to be bothered to want one, given these disparities?