Watch wars go up a gear

Apple watchWhile no one is sure how many people will want to stick a so-called smartwatch on their wrists, the hype surrounding these electronic gizmos ratcheted up today – the official day of the launch of Apple’s iWatch.

To put things into perspective, Microsoft tried to promote a smartwatch years ago but that bombed, a bit like its attempts to grab the tablet market.

According to Reuters, a queue of people lining up to buy an Apple iWatch in Tokyo looked more like a trickle than a flood. Apple is experiencing some difficulties creating enough watches to supply demand – or at least that’s the spin the company is putting on it.

Now Apple’s great rival, according to the same wire, is attempting to spoil Apple’s rather low key party by broad hints that it’s ready to release a new generation of its Gear smartwatch.

It’s beyond doubt that there are some Apple fanboys crazy enough to buy anything the company manufacturers. No doubt an Apple can opener with the familiar logo on it would be enough to send some fanboys into spasms of delight.

Apple has given nobody a clue how many pre-orders it’s received. Whether it does well or badly isn’t going to make or break the company anyway.

Now, how about that can opener, Tim Cook?