Washing machine industry set to take a tumble

Last week, at the Technology World forum in London, TechEye met with the people behind Xeros Ltd. It’s fair to say it is a revolutionary system – a washing machine that uses beads to completely and effectively clean clothes without the need for any water at all. 

It picked up a lot of press attention last year. A washing machine without water – it’s an impressive idea and interest is rife in the Middle East where saving on water is a good idea. There are many in China who are interested, too. Unfortunately the UK consumer doesn’t seem ready yet, with the Xeros guys telling us the Average Joe “can’t accept a washing service without water – even though they are happy to go to a DRY CLEANER.”

What of the washing machine manufacturers? Using Xeros, or similar technologies, worldwide will seriously cut down on water waste. It could also put the manufacturers and others who rely on traditional methods out of business. Same goes for soap, washing up powder and everything else that’s conventionally used.

Rather than investigating waterless washing technologies, manufacturers want to keep it on the shelf.

TechEye can exclusively reveal that a “major washing machine manufacturer” approached Xeros with a considerable sum of money – the idea being to lock the patent away so it never challenged the status quo. Big business wants to look after its own interests, and if that screws the world in the process, so be it.

Xeros turned the offer down. 

It is going from strength to strength, having received further investment. It is trying to commercialise its product ready for market.