Warner scraps 3D for final Harry Potter films

Warner Bros. has cancelled plans to release the upcoming and last of the JK Rowling cash cow Harry Potter films into 3D. The official line from Warner is that it “ran out of time” for the 3D conversion of The Deathly Hallows and doesn’t want to disappoint with a shoddy product.

Warner has been criticised in the past for its hurry to convert, after filming, 2D into 3D. It’s cheaper than producing a film in 3D – however it doesn’t give quite the same illusion. The Murdoch-backed Wall Street Journal is quick to mention Murdoch-backed Avatar was totally authored in 3D which was what made it look so swish. It also says that “the recent box-office performance of some 2D films over the summer has proved that movies don’t need to be in 3D” – could this be anything to do with 3D not being quite the draw the film industry hoped?

Call us jaded, but the amount the Harry Potter franchise – particularly for the final two films, to be released as parts one and two – are going to be a gigantic draw for its rabid fanbase.

More likely is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows benefits best from a pre-Christmas release with a decent toy and merchandise push. Part two will appear in time for the summer holidays and sell more gubbins.

Could it be that Warner may decide after all to convert The Deathly Hallows, parts one and two, into 3D for a rerelease late next year – knowing full well the fans will buy into it? And if these 3D tellies really do take off, like the manufacturers hope, would Warner consider releasing a special edition, 3D Blu-ray? In time for Christmas next year, perhaps? Warner couldn’t be that cynical, could it? Er…