Warehouses packed with unsold notebooks in Europe

_asustek_and_amd_new_partnership_to_boost_upcoming_desktop_apuA lack of demand for notebooks has led to companies in Europe ending up with stacks of unsold notebooks and leading them to experience cash flow problems.

That’s according to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, which said that some of them are offering deals including buy two and get one free. But it looks like people don’t even want to buy one, never mind two.

The wire said that the retailers are suffering so much stock indigestion that they’ve asked major brand vendors to give them longer to pay their bills.

The problem has been partly caused by vendors offering big commissions to sell notebooks but that hasn’t worked despite the best of the retailers’ efforts.

And Acer and Asustek, which have resisted pressure from the bigger vendors to offer higher commissions are suffering because they can’t compete on pricing and the commissions offered by HP and Lenovo.

Acer made a profit in its last financial quarter but it was a small profit.

Windows 10 may be popular for existing notebook users who can upgrade for free, but that’s not enough to make people buy new machines, Digitimes said.