War breaks out again between Google Books and Amazon

Amazon let rip with an objection to a revised settlement proposed over Google Books and a monopoly it might hold on digital books.

Amazon said yesterday that the proposed agreement is in violation of the US Copyright Act, and that the settlement would give Google rights that would effectively lead to a monopoly.

And Google doesn’t only have to worry about Amazon and publishers – a Berkeley academic on behalf of a clutch of authors also objected to the settlement, pointing out that the rights of authors and publishers and the procedures for settling disputes could not realistically be handled by the settlement of a class action.

Groups against the settlement have until today to make their objection to the district court.

Whether the judge in charge of the case allows the objections to the revised settlement to stand, there’s a possibility that the US Justice Department may well throw in its oar. It’s already agreed that the proposed settlement raised  questions about copyright that should not really be handled in a class action case.