Wanna see Flash on your iGear?

While the head of Apple, Steve Jobs is purging his shiny toys from the influence of the evil Flash, it seems developers are working out how to get around him.


Boston developer Lida Tang, 32, has worked his way into the Apple App Store with Cloud Browse.


According to USA Today, Cloud Browse is a program that lets you go to websites that feature flash video and games, including CBS.com, comedycentral.com and Nickelodeon.com.


Tang came up with a workaround that Apple can’t object to. You download the free Cloud Browse App and install it. Then you direct the App to the website of your choice. The site is called up on another computer, which streams it back to your iPhone.


It works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without much loss of quality.


The app is free, has been out for a few weeks, and so far has picked up 150,000 downloads, says Tang. The app has been approved by Apple, of course that it is not to say it will remain that way.


It’s not really meant to be used to watch Flash, and it is a bit of a pain to use, but if Jobs Mob removes it from the Apple Store because it could be used to watch Flash, then Apple’s problems are a lot more serious than we thought.


The Cloud Browse App works just about anywhere on the Web — except for video site Hulu, which is co-owned by Fox, NBC and ABC and blocks access.