Wales wants to tackle fake news

A bloke whose online encyclopaedia is checked by fake penis experts, is keen to apply his knowledge to tackle the issue of fake news.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a new online publication which will aim to fight fake news by pairing professional journalists with an army of volunteer community contributors.

Dubbed Wikitribune the site will make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events.

The site will publish news stories written by professional journalists. But in a page borrowed from Wikipedia, internet users will be able to propose factual corrections and additions.

The changes will be reviewed by volunteer fact checkers. Wikitribune says it will be transparent about its sources. It will post the full transcripts of interviews, as well as video and audio, “to the maximum extent possible.” The language used will be “factual and neutral”.

While that would be fair enough, Wikipedia’s volunteer editors have shown an astonishing lack of news sense, or the ability to tell what is real or not. While allowing detailed biographies of porn stars they have a habit of ruling magazines and people as “not significant enough” and embark on crusades to purge the internet of people they do not like.