Wafer industry faces slowdown

Silicon wafer - Wikimedia Commons -Silicon wafers, used by manufacturers to create microprocessors and other semiconductor devices, are facing a slowdown.

That’s emerged as GlobalWafers Co, the sixth biggest wafer supplier in the world, said that the whole semiconductor industry is being affected by a combination of forces including the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and slower general overall growth.

The Taipei Times reported that CEO Doris Hsu predicted “headwinds” for the entire industry because of financial uncertainties.

GlobalWafers supplies silicon wafers to a number of major chip makers including TSMC, UMC, Infineon and Texas Instruments.

She predicted that the slowdown will be short term rather than long term because there’s much less inventory than when the semi industry saw its last crisis, during 2008.

She believes that the automotive industry will generate more semiconductor sales. The firm is set to increase eight inch wafer production by 10 percent or so.