VW software crisis deepens

b299405f6eafe0ac98ce9d9405a17663 (1)Adolf Hitler’s favourite car maker VW appears to have laid itself down in a ditch and set itself on fire over its testing software.

Not only did it doctor its software to foil emission testing, Reuters said that VW might have fudged petrol consumption figures too.

VW admitted that it had understated the fuel consumption of 800,000 cars sold in Europe, while majority stakeholder Porsche Automobil Holding warned VW’s latest findings could stuff up its its results.

The latest revelation about fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions represented a $2.19 billion economic risk.

Until now the scandal cantered on software on up to 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide that VW admitted vastly understated its actual emissions of smog-causing pollutant nitrogen oxide.

Now it seems that VW understated fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, areas which US  regulators have yet to address.

The findings mostly apply to smaller diesel engines, one petrol powered engine is also affected.

One analyst said that “VW is leaving us all speechless.”

Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said in a statement that he had pushed hard for the relentless and comprehensive clarification of events,

“Volkswagen  will stop at nothing and nobody. This is a painful process but it is our only alternative.”