Vodafone's India offices raided

Inspector Knacker of the Indian Federal Police has conducted searches at Vodafone’s Indian unit and Bharti Airtel’s offices.

There are concerns about irregularities in the spectrum allocation by the government to the two operators between 2001-02.

The spectrum was allocated by the previous government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is now in opposition.

When Reuters gave Vodafone a tinkle, it said that all its documents are in complete compliance with the governing laws and regulations. However it is co-operating with the officials and will provide them all the required details as part of their checks. [surely cheques? ed]

The raids were carried out on Vodafone’s Mumbai and New Delhi offices and Bharti Airtel’s office in Gurgaon, near New Delhi.

Bharti Airtel is insisting that all the spectrum allotted to it has been strictly as per the stated government policy.

No one seems to be arguing that. The question is whether or not government policy was a requirement to bung a few Archers at the general direction of the BJP.

It would be jolly handy for the  Congress party-led government if it could get a bit of mud to stick to the BJP. It has been hit by a few corruption scandals that sparked massive street protests by anti-graft activists.

One of the biggest cases has resulted in a trial of business executives and the former telecoms minister.

A state auditor has said the under-selling of licences for kickbacks may have cost India $39 billion in revenue.

If the searches turn up anything, the Congress party can tell the BJP that is a bunch of hypocrites for slagging off the government when its own lot were on the take when it was in power.