Vertical alignment is best for wide angle viewing

According to research by DisplaySearch in its Quarterly Wide Viewing Angle Technology paper, vertical alignment (VA) viewing is top dog in the world of wide viewing angle tech.

For the first quarter of this year,  VA technology made up a huge 42.2 percent of the large-area TFT LCD shipments, up 36 percent from Q1 2008. VA tech has been adopted by most LCD TV panel makers for large – 32″ and higher – size panels. Big supporters are Samsung with its PVA tech, Sharp with its Advanced Superview and Chimei Innolux with its Multi-domain Vertical Alignment of MVA.

Some panel makers like LG Display, IPS Alpha and BOE are using in plane switching (IPS) or fringe-field switching (FFS) to get themselves wide view angles.

DisplaySearch says that the technology most often found in LCDs is twisted nematic (TN) which runs on 120 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical viewing angles. It’s mainly used for notebook PC panels as viewing angle is not the main aim, though to improve the horizontal viewing angle of these panels some manufacturers are sticking in wide view film (WVF).

For IPS or FFS wide view panel shipments, LG is leading the way with a market share of 88 percent. LG is also top dog for TN with 29 percent. Samsung is leading VA shipments with a 39 percent market share.

VA technology, says DisplaySearch, is maturing and the cost gap compared to other wide view angle technologies is closing. It’s worth keeping an eye on which technologies new Chinese TFT LCD manufacturers  plump for, and how quickly they can get a hand on the learning curve for adoption.