Venezuela turns off the internet

The beleaguered Venezuela president, Nicolas Maduro, has shown he has absolutely nothing to hide as protestors take to the streets against his government. He’s turned off the internet and TV.

It would appear that Maduro is worried that protestors might be using the internet to organise their dissent, but shutting down the telly stations indicates that he is more worried about the world seeing what he is doing.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation made note that Venezuelans working with several different ISPs lost all connectivity late last week.

The country’s media regulation network CONATEL said that the cuts were not due to the protests directly. He blames hackers working for the opposition.

Although it is a little hard for hackers to bring down news network NTN24. Even if they had, why did they leave the Telesur, which is run by the Venezuelan government? Maduro has admitted he ordered NTN24 shut down because it was attempting to “torment anxiety about a coup d’etat”.

He insisted, “no one was going to come from abroad and try to perturb the psychological climate of Venezuela”.