VC conference in Sitges promotes social intercourse

A man with an unlikely but nice sounding  name has brought together a number of vendors, entrepreneurs and even the odd hack or two in Sitges, Catalunya.

Farley Duvall has re-invented Red Herring and provoked a round of applause from vendors including Intel, Google and Microsoft here today, because of his enterprising spirits. The conference is called  White Bull Summit at the Dolce Hotel, Sitges and is very well attended by the usual suspects.

Duvall’s idea is pretty straightforward. Introduce top vendors like Oracle, Microsoft and even Intel to people with ideas the megafirms might need. Oh yeah, Google is here too.

We met some of the startups. We neglected to say that we started The Register and the INQUIRER. Suddenly there is some interest in the Latter Day Saint –

To be, or not to be, that is the journalistic question….. The vendors seem to like Farley.