V. Biased man wants Google to file for bankruptcy

A man is going after Google and claiming that the company should file for bankruptcy.

The brave soul, who goes by the name of Donald V. Biase, is pushing for what legal bods claim is an “impossible outcome” after the company failed to pay him a reported $11,117.

The Biase saga was raised on the 28th January in a New Jersey bankruptcy court but the case has been going since April last year after Google failed to pay what Mr Biase claimed was owed to him. He told the court that he was owed the money after he conducted business with it for his e-commerce publishing company, WebNotions.

Because Google failed to stump up, he is now trying to shame the company into paying by
intimating that it can’t afford what it will probably see as a measly sum.

Biase also wants cash for his legal expenses and costs.

Just in case Mr Very Biased had a leg to stand on, we thought we’d get in touch with a man of the law.

“Google is a massive company and everybody knows $11,000 would be a drop in the ocean for it,” the legal bod told us.

“The plaintiff is barking up the wrong tree with this one and will more than likely end up forking out for his own costs. He may have tried to shame Google, but trying to force it to file for bankruptcy is ludicrous. It’s more than likely this case will come back and bite him on his behind.”