Users suffer as Apple blames Paypal for server error

Users have been saddled with a huge hit on their Paypal accounts  after Apple charged them thousands for their new Lion operating system upgrade.

Paypal users were mistakenly charged as much as $4,000 for Mac OS X Lion software after using the payment service to buy from the Mac App Store.

Ironically the Lion upgrade is quite cheap for Jobs’ Mob, but it seems that for some reason the outfit’s servers can’t kick the habit of causing its users to get into hot water with their bank.

It appears that they have been incorrectly charged for purchasing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion from the Mac App Store numerous times. In one case a user was billed for 122 copies of the software.

They said they aksed  Apple but Jobs’ Mob insists that it is not its problem and it must be Paypal.

However Paypal blames Apple although both claim to be investigating. Apple tends to say this until enough users complain loudly enough and then it quietly fixes the problem.

It might be a little difficult to bury this one. The official Apple Support Communities, are packed with users who have also seen multiple mistaken charges for Lion. The user “abhas,” was the first to complain after he was charged by the iTunes Store 20 times for Lion, leaving them with a bill of $599.80.

Apple insists that while only one order was placed, Paypal claims that there were several. It is refusing to refund money back into bank accounts. Some have got refunds eventually.

Some Apple fanboys have reported that they have been hit with overdraft fees and other charges because of mistaken multiple charges.

Apple Insider says that the problem is not Paypal’s fault. It seems that Apple knows that it has an overload in its automated payment system from all the Lion downloads. Part of the problem was  being hit by a million downloads in one day and that would require Apple’s network technology to cope with something called traffic.