Users give thumbs down to paid content

Users have told content produces that they will not pay for online content.

A survey showed 85 percent of Internet users believed that online content that is currently free should remain free.

Beancounters at Nielsen found online consumers may be more willing to pay for certain categories, such as movies, games, TV shows and music, and less likely to pay for news, blogs and user-created videos.

In a report with the catchy title “Changing Models: A Global Perspective on Paying for Content Online”, Nic Covey, Nielsen’s director of cross platform insights warned there are no clear-cut categories of content that will successfully sell online.

“When asked to focus on specific types of content, survey participants are more willing to at least consider paying for particular categories, especially if they have done so before,” Covey wrote.

The Nielsen report surveyed 27,000 people in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East about various forms of content.

In four categories –  movies, music, games and professionally produced videos, more than half said that they would consider paying or have already paid for online content.

A third said they would consider paying for social networks, podcasts, news-talk radio, consumer-generated video and blogs.

More than 78 percent said they should be able to access newspaper, magazine, radio or television service free online. More than 79 percent said they would no longer use a Web site that began charging for access, “presuming they can find the same information at no cost,” the report said.