US trade unions call for ousting of Dell CEO

Two trade unions in the US have called on board members at Dell to oust CEO Michael Dell and to appoint a new chairman.

Dell has been the computer company’s CEO from 1984 to 2004 and then from 2007 to the present day, but many are wishing he hadn’t returned to the big chair, as numerous allegations have surfaced that he took bribes from Intel to use its chips over rival ones in Dell machines.

An investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission resulted in Dell paying out $100 million, but it refused to confirm or deny that the allegations were true.

Despite the payout, the turmoil for Dell is far from over, as many believe the dodgy dealings have tarnished the company’s name and it would be better off with a new leader.

A letter from the trade unions to the Board of Directors read: “Based on the allegations in the SEC’s complaint against our company and Michael Dell, we believe that shareholders would be better served by the removal of Michael Dell as the chairman of our company’s board of directors. By voting to ‘WITHHOLD’ from Michael Dell, you can encourage the board of directors to appoint a new chairman.”

The trade unions have substantial shares in Dell and called for Dell’s removal at the company’s annual general meeting on the 12th of August. It remains to be seen if enough members of the Board also agree with a revolt against the Dell founder and CEO.