US Senate backs patent trolls

The corrupt US senate has decided that patent trolls have more money than ordinary people have and has dumped a law to legislate the crippling trade out of existence.

While patent trolls destroy industries like technology, the big players have huge investments in patents and are not in favour of reform. Lawyers make a killing out of the frivolous patent cases and the powerful drugs companies depend on them.

Therefore, a proposal to club patent trolls over the head is now on hold indefinitely after the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, a democrat shelved the idea.

The law had backing across the house but Leahy suddenly took it off the table after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – another democrat – intervened at the last minute.

The bill would have made it more difficult for patent holders to file frivolous lawsuits, adding new requirements that would force lawsuit losers to cover litigation costs for both sides and patent holders to state their accusations more explicitly.

According to the republicans, Reid was got at by the lobbyists who paid to have the law shelved.

This is the third time in three weeks the majority leader has blocked legislation with bipartisan support in the Senate, the laws backer Republican John Cornyn said.

“It’s disappointing the majority leader has allowed the demands of one special interest group to trump a bipartisan will in Congress and the overwhelming support of innovators and job creators.”

It looks like the lobby groups came from groups who make a killing from being patent trolls namely trial lawyers, universities, pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies.

The University of Vermont and a biotech coalition each sent letters to Leahy opposing the legislation.

“We believe the measures in the legislation … go far beyond what is necessary or desirable to combat abusive patent litigation, and would do serious damage to the patent system,” reads one of the letters. “Many of the provisions would have the effect of treating every patent holder as a patent troll.”

Leahy acknowledged there had been a sudden amount of pressure from the lobby groups in the hours before the deadline.

But Washington thinks it is more likely that passing the legislation out of committee would put greater pressure on Reid to bring it up for a floor vote, which would put the democratic leader at even more uncomfortable odds with the groups that wanted him to sink the bill.

In other words, the US will have to suffer from patent trolls because its senators are corporate lapdogs for those who want to use the system to cripple industry to make a quick buck.

Makes you really regret that revolution now doesn’t it?