US right wades into communist Windows

gatesA US conservative news site has waded into Windows for being as communist as Marx. is the right wing organ of Andrew Breitbart  and the article was penned by the former Toryograph journalists Milo Yiannopoulos. He is the hack who came out in support of the sexist Gamergate campaign calling the other side “an army of sociopathic feminist programmers and campaigners, abetted by achingly politically correct American tech blogger”.

Yiannopoulos claims that Windows 10 is alien to conservative values and “should make every patriotic American of sound mind and sound values think twice”.

According to Yiannopoulos, HP and Dell would love to offer Windows 7 machines, and their customers would love to buy them, but Microsoft “isn’t a big fan of conservative’s beloved free market approach”.

Obviously he does not like the idea that Microsoft is collecting information. After all no true conservative would choose to trust Microsoft.  Yiannopoulos concludes that Windows 10 contains built in communism.

Windows 10 has a standard feature that employs a peer-to-peer scheme to share updates across users. It borrows your processing power and network bandwidth to assist when updates are released.

“Why is one of the largest software companies on earth designing their software update process around Karl Marx’s command to take “from each according to their means, to each according to their needs?” Like several of the features in this article, it can be turned off, but think of your wives, husbands, and parents; how many of them would ever tinker with their OS settings?” he moaned.

Another sign that Windows 10 is part of a communist plot is that social media friends are able to sign into your network anytime they are in range, without your permission.

“Conservatives by nature have large and diverse groups of friends. Why would Microsoft arbitrarily decide that we trust all of our friends enough to let them into our private networks automatically?”

He insists that this is Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village” style thinking.

“I value my private property, including my network. It’s why I have my Wi-Fi network locked down and a front door on my house,” he railed.

Then it appears that something happened to Yiannopoulos’s rant mode which suddenly shifts from the subject to a general attack against anyone who does not really believe in the daftness peddled by the US Neo-cons.

According to Yiannopoulos “typical progressive authoritarian liberal is using his laptop to write an autobiography about how mommy and daddy were mean to him” while “Conservatives are using computers to better their situations.”

Getting back to Windows 10, apparently that means that Windows 10 is for these lily livered liberals because there are numerous bugs such as hard to find apps, disappearing menu text, hanging browsers, and a litany of other problems.

“It is hard to claim to support free market and free expression principles when your OS fails to perform basic tasks reliably.”

So what is the operating choice for god-fearing, gun loving, jeesus worshiping neo-cons? Apparently it is Windows 7 or… wait for it Yiannopoulos thinks it is time to reclaim the Apple from the hipsters. Quite why a control freak outfit like Apple, who insists on a uniform, provides an alternative religion, censors everything  would appeal to the the fair-right… oh no hang on I get it now.