US photovoltaic market set to double this year

The PV project order backlog has gone over 12 gigawatts (GW), a contrast to the goings-on with feed-in tarrif cuts all over Europe.

The US is listed as one of the most promising growth markets in the next two years, according to analysts at Solarbuzz, along with predictions that – as with 2010 – the market in the region is set to double again this year.  There are already roughly 375 non-residential PV projects penned in for the US, or going through the Request for Proposal process, as well as an additional 775 projects which total 0.7 GW of PV systems installed since 1 January 2010.

According to the Solarbuzz United States Deal Tracker, non-residential systems range from 50 kilowatts up to hundreds of megawatts. But corporate and government projects are still top, holding 75 percent of the completed list since 1 January 2010.

California is leading the way for non-residential projects. It’s followed by New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

The market is somewhat crowded for non-residential projects, with over 260 different companies looking after the 1150 government or corporate jobs. That said, leading the way is First Solar, Suntech Power, Sharp, YIngli Green Energy and SolarWorld.

Solarbuzz says that, according to its installed system pricing data, the largest US projects are finalised with $3-4 per watt DC, while analysts highlight that price reduction in non-residential systems is the top factor to stimulate US market growth.