US Patent Office awards Android feature to Apple

Apple’s policy of trying to claim the patents for as many Android features as possible has continued with the blessing of the US Patent Office.

Jobs’ Mob is unhappy that it is losing market share to Android and appears to be applying for as many patents as possible to patent troll the operating system out of the market.

What is alarming is thanks to the vagaries of the US Patent system it appears to be getting away with it.

Yesterday the US Patent and Trademark office gave Apple a patent which covers that nifty way that smartphones can turn from a portrait to a landscape by turning.

Apple insists that its team invented the technology used in Patent 7,978,176 in 2007. The technology is also seen in Android phones and Apple will of course insist that it just copied them.

However the technology has been around for ten years before that and was demonstrated by Barry James Folsom of Radius to Computer Chronicles. Some kind person has put the demonstration up on YouTube which shows how unoriginal the idea was.  We guess that because the US Patent Office does not have to look for prior art on the idea it just rubber stamped it and gave someone else’s invention to Steve Jobs to be used as a weapon against his rivals.

Patently Apple which ran the story said that it had a fair number of hits from an Internal Intel blog titled: “ blogs.”

It looks like Intel is particularly worried about this particular patent going through. Odd really I would have thought Google would have been more concerned.